We had a full house to celebrate women living the most adventurous version of their life! Amazing what happens when you bring together women with a shared passion and purpose! Heartfelt thanks to our remarkable founders for sharing their stories and all those that attended our very first She Ventures event in June! So much love for the strength, courage, and willingness to dare in the crowd! 

Our raffle raised over $700 for SheJumps! Thank you!



Alyssa Ravasio- Founder of Hipcamp 
Georgina Miranda- Founder of Altitude Seven
Jen Gurecki- Founder of Coalition Snow
Megan Petruccelli- Founder of The Camp Kit
Sasha Cox- Founder of Trail Mavens

"Very inspirational. it not often I'm in a room full of powerful women."


Thanks to Kristina Frost for the lovely photos! See them all on our album

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