Day 8 Happiness Habits Challenge

Master Mind.

Is our mind our best friend or working as an enemy. Are we approaching situations from a place of peace or stress? Love or fear?

Today we focus on finding our place of peace to strengthen our brain's peaceful pathways.- Project Happiness.


“I am willing to see things differently. I am willing to see love.” 
― Gabrielle Bernstein

Today's challenge... think of your most peaceful state. What does that feel like? What is one word you can describe it by? For the rest of the day, if you begin to feel scattered or stressed or disconnected from the present, breathe deeply as you come back to this one empowering word you have identified.

At any moment we have a choice in our perceptions of situations. Can we connect with peace and love despite what is happening?

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Remember it takes 21 days to build a new habit and 90 days to build a new lifestyle. You got this!

Join us for the next 21 days to lift our vibration, choose HAPPY, and spread joy around us!