Day 10 Happiness Habits Challenge

Goals or Excuses.

“I have a choice: Do I want to align with the GREATEST VISION OF MYSELF, or do I want to align with my EXCUSES?” – Debbie Ford.

Today we take accountability for designing a life and vision we love. Identify images that align with accomplishing your goals and spend time visualizing them daily! Are you living by design or by default? -Project Happiness.

Watch the video to learn how to better connect with your vision and make it come to life.


Design the highest grandest vision possible for your life today. Do you have a vision board?

How are you setting little goals to get you to your greater vision? Can you not only visualize what you want, but can you feel it?

If you are wanting more support to help discover your purpose and how to better align your work and lifestyle to that, consider one of our coaching programs. We would love to work with you.

Remember it takes 21 days to build a new habit and 90 days to build a new lifestyle. You got this!

Join us for the next 21 days to lift our vibration, choose HAPPY, and spread joy around us!