CEO Pledge

How will you commit to accelerating gender equality and the wellbeing of women in your organization?

As part of my pledge, I commit to:

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Recommendations for Pledges

Making gender equity and diversity a strategic priority

Provide training and resources to help eliminate unconscious bias

Prioritize the advancement of women to leadership roles at every level working towards a goal of 50/50 representation and being able to show a positive trajectory each year, year-on-year

Close the gender-gap to the best of my ability at each level in the organization and gather baseline data to determine how long it will take

Establish equitable maternity and paternity leave policies that support healthy families without career impacts

Build robust succession plans that ensure a commitment to equality and diversity addressing potential skill gaps, recruitment pipelines, training and development, and mentorship

Allow for flexibility of time and space at work to provide a healthy balance for working families and to increase retention rates of working parents

Not tolerate any form of sexual harassment or violence

Create opportunities for visible female leadership in our events, meetings, broadcasts- if she can see her, she can be her