We kicked off our new FB Live Series-Office Hours with Tianna Collins of Cardyoga

For a conversation on How to Choose You!

Life can be busy and demanding. Self care can easily become an afterthought. We talk to Yogi, Athlete, Coach, Spirit Queen and previous She Ventures Speaker Tianna Collins, Founder of CARDYoga on being the most important person in your life. 

"I am in love with myself, I'm in love with my mind, with my body, with my spirit, with my soul. I've been lucky enough to begin to appreciate who I am and who I've chosen to be. That's through yoga, through getting through the fear of failure."

Tianna, a LA native, continues to give back to her community through yoga, nutrition and positive vibes. She attended the University of Cincinnati from 1999-2003, where most of her days consisted of long hours of painting, studying photography and playing for the Division 1 women’s soccer team. While earning her degree in Fine Arts, she also led her team in winning two consecutive conference championships. After graduating from UC, she headed back home to Southern California where she immediately began coaching for the Westside Breakers Soccer Club and Palisades High School. Tianna then went back to college for 2 more years, where she mastered the art of photography and began her first photography business. Within 5 years, she decided that a partnership was missing from her business, and she teamed up with her elementary school friend, who also had his own photography business.

Together they now operate one of the top photography companies in Los Angeles, shooting celebrities, traveling the world and most importantly building together.

This was a very important time in Tianna’s life because this is when she realized how much she loved training and expanding the student athlete’s ideas of fitness and strength. “I coached many many young ladies. Although some were under the age of 10, most were in high school. It’s a really awkward time in a young women’s life…plenty of challenges: mentally, physically and spiritually. I knew yoga was a key element in helping the growth of our youth and the future of tomorrow.” A few years ago in 2014, Tianna opened up a yoga and photo studio with her business partner and husband, Nick. It is right in the heart of their old neighborhood and where both theirs parents still live. The goal is to continue to give back to our community while helping the neighborhood flourish and keeping the soul alive in our

Tianna is active in her community, supporting local farms, volunteering time with Synergy Community Services Non-Profit, teaming up with Ultimate Transformations, Laced Facts, M.P.A.C.T. and other creative groups and local gems of the community like Simply Wholesome and KJLH Radio Women’s Health Forum. Tianna is a leader in her community, an advocate for wellness and health, a believer in balancing Mind, Body and Soul, and…a mother of dragons & pitbulls. “LOVE. LAUGH. LiVE.”

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