Office Hours with Georgina Miranda founder of She Ventues

OFFICE HOURS on FB LIVE with our founder Georgina Miranda.

In this special FB LIVE session, we reveal our NEW mission going forward, all the goodness to expect at our Portland Oregon She Ventures Summit 10.27 (early bird tix still available), our latest coaching and consulting offerings, our new health and wellness initiative Move 30 Collective, and a candid conversation around a lot of the questions we have been receiving at our events, FB, insta and beyond.

It’s a session to celebrate our awesome community and share our plan to better serve you all.

 Our Mission:

To celebrate and help women realize they are powerful beyond measure around the world.

For a decade our founder Georgina Miranda has been speaking about women being the largest untapped resource in the world. While this is still true, we hope to help change that. She Ventures aims to make women the greatest resource in the world via our platform, events, coaching, consultancy, tools and resources and beyond. Georgina firmly believes that given the proper resources and equal opportunities, women can change the world. 

We can be anything we want to be on trail, off trail, and anywhere in between.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with us! We are here to serve and enrich lives.

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