Partner With Us

It will take a global collective of amazing humans, companies, and countries investing in accelerating gender equality and the wellbeing of women for change to happen.

Partner with us to help us make women a equal partner and resource in the world. When women thrive so does the world. If she can see her, she can be her.

We’ve established creative ways for you to partner with us and make an impact. We are also open to any other ideas you might have.


Company Partner

Place women at the forefront of your company! Inspire a movement internally and partner with us to address gender gap issues, recruitment, visible leadership, skill gaps, mentorship, and more. We feature you, your team, your company on our site, collaborate on events and media engagements around the world. Inspire other companies to follow your example!

When women thrive, companies thrive!

Reach out to learn more about our annual sponsorship tiers.

Media partner

Become a media outreach partner to help share messaging, stories, events with the world, your local city, state, or country. Help us share our movement and vibrant testimony to women rising and living beyond measure around the world. 

We also work with companies and brands as a media partner to amplify messaging.

Opportunities available for co-branded or co-hosted media events as well.


We want to share She Ventures with the world! Partner with us to host events celebrating women and elevating the presence of visible female leadership.

Possibilities include to host your own event, co-host an event, or co-brand an event. We would love to hear from you!

We also help brands and companies design and create meaningful events and experiences for their teams and customers that celebrate women.