Jennifer Pattee- Public Recreation

Jennifer Pattee Founder & CEO Public Recreation

Fitness industry veteran with design DNA (Apple / IDEO alum). Currently launching new gym concept, Public Recreation.


Our first prototype. I'd been leading outdoor bootcamps in San Francisco for a decade, hacking my city instead of paying insane studio rental fees -- and was having trouble finding places to run bigger classes. 

To solve this problem, I found a vacant parking lot, partnered with an architect, raised $70k in funding, hired a team, and launched our first fitness hub:

A few months later, Oprah featured it in her magazine:

We’ve taken everything we learned from this project to create Public Recreation’s first product. 

My vision: cities have fitness designed into their DNA. For-profit gyms are irrelevant because free outdoor gyms are everywhere. Getting active is as easy as getting coffee at Starbucks.