Jordan Hayles- Founder The Radical Brand Lab

Jordan Hayles is a brand strategist & comedic writer with an imaginary cat named Stanley

She creates hilarious, thought-provoking books & brands.  (i.e. Period Petty

When she's not drinking 3 liters of water and peeing all day accordingly, she works alongside a small collective of branding experts at The Radical Brand Lab to help companies find their brand voice and brand personality. Her stories don't just spread: they sell. 

She's writing a book called Your Brand is Boring. 

It will become the most inappropriate, irreverent delightfully rude book in the history of business books.

She believes in



radical authenticity

and activism.


Because she's a bold, fucking hilarious truth-teller...who gives a damn.

She also believes in you:

In your ability to change the world or maybe just your part of it. To create things that matter. Jordan crafts brand personalities that uncover the hidden layers of your identity to make your product, service or brand easily recognizable & immediately relevant.  If you’re interested in bold stances, hilarity, and making great ideas come alive; stick around awhile.

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