Jennifer’s mission is to create a world free of cancer by supporting, encouraging and inspiring
individuals to make shifts in their lifestyles to improve overall wellbeing. Through guidance and
encouraging clients to address the immediate needs through cancer treatment and beyond, she is
able to help improve clients’ long-term quality of life.  Through wellness and nutritional coaching,
Jennifer’s clients are able to enhance their lives, not just as a diet or regimen, but as an overall
lifestyle of wellness.  
As a breast cancer survivor herself, Jennifer started Beyond Your Summit to support cancer patients and others facing health challenges to go beyond “surviving” illness to living fully through the adversity – and beyond.  Her unique methodology combining Western and Eastern philosophies provides an integrated approach to helping people overcome the challenges faced throughout the journey of cancer.  
An avid adventurer, traveller, mountain climber, marathon finisher and black belt, she approached
cancer with the same tenacity, transforming the challenges to not merely survive, but to thrive.
After working in England, she and her long term partner left for a year long adventure around the
world. Two months after summiting the highest peak in Central America, she found a mass in her
breast. Throughout her own journey through cancer she sought to combine the traditional western models of treatment with more non-traditional, natural methods increasing her odds of survival.  It was through her own health challenges that she was inspired to help individuals survive, live and thrive.  
Jennifer has worked as an occupational therapist for seventeen years, with a specialization in
helping patients with neurological conditions overcome often life-threatening circumstances.
Jennifer is a certified occupational therapist with an advanced practice in physical rehabilitation, she is a certified cancer coach and a student of integrative nutrition. She has her BA in Public Health from Johns Hopkins University and her MS in Occupational Therapy from Columbia University.

Beyond Your Summit was inspired by an analogy that served as a constant source of inspiration and perspective throughout her cancer recovery.  She related the journey through cancer through the lens of summiting a mountain.  Initially the summit seems nearly insurmountable and nearly
overwhelming. Yet each and every day, she took step after step as she continued the path to the
summit. Despite some days that felt like setbacks, there was continual progress and she was able to see the role of the unforeseen challenges as part of the overarching expedition. Throughout the journey, she developed a nutritional and wellness program to strengthen her body and address the side effects of the cancer treatments she received at the Mayo Clinic. Daily yoga, acupuncture, and long walks further helped ensure she was able to build longer-term health. The methodology she developed in conjunction with her team at the Mayo Clinic proved essential to her success throughout the process and has become the foundational elements of Beyond Your Summit.

Jennifer believes it is crucial to celebrate the success of each step, support the body with
regenerative nutrition and wellness programs, and choose the best team possible.  It allows us to
not only reach the summit, take in the breathtaking views, but to go beyond the summit to grow,
learn, become more compassionate, more patient, more open, and realize the strength that is
within all of us to face and overcome any adversity in life.