Katie is a Fulbright Research Fellow in Sri Lanka completing her PhD dissertation on Plastic Waste (theme: Plastic waste in the global south and how to work towards waste minimization/zero waste). In efforts to make her research practical and applicable, she advocates for zero waste, and also works on curriculum relating to waste and plastic awareness. This past summer she made a presentation for the local government in Ladakh, India (aka Little Tibet), on ways they can shift their waste policy and practices - she was also able to get in some incredible solo-trekking. Over the years, Katie’s research, studies and work have led her to live in 9 countries around the globe and visit over 50, and she’s had some amazing adventures along the journey.

Katie says: My biggest constant in life has been change

and navigating those changes; an apt skill for working with the changing socio-enviro-political

landscape our world faces. I am not afraid to ask questions and work on issues –

like plastic pollution – that others might consider ‘challenging.’ I see

opportunity in challenges, and I think women also by nature have a more

holistic, integrative, networking perspective that lends itself well to

reframing challenges and coming up with new solutions-pathways.

Through my diverse life experiences, I realize that life is short, precious, and that we are here, if anything, to be a positive contribution to this world– live joyously and you will have a positive impact in whatever your heart leads you to do. My love for global culture and the environment have been central to my decision-making processes (re: to have meaningful work/occupation, even if I don't make any/much money). I make my vocation my vacation. It is very important for me to be spending my time doing things of service and making positive steps for this world for communities and the environment - even while traveling, I don’t just like to travel to travel, I make connections so I know I am welcome, invited, needed for whatever contribution I can make. I have a gypsy soul and I try to make home wherever I am.

Lastly, say no to plastics and be mindful of your footprint!

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