What They Are Saying….

When you pull together a group of 200+ women in a room, who all share a passion for adventure and curiosity to see and learn about the world, it’s nothing short of magic! We need more gatherings like this to continue to connect with ourselves and other likeminded women in our community!

We’re proud to sponsor She Ventures and support a community that encourages women to grow and develop both personally and professionally.
— Vacasa

Very inspirational. It’s not often I’m in a room full of powerful women.

I wanted to thank you for putting the event together and inspiring myself, and the entire room of women to follow our dreams and continue choosing a life of adventure.

Loved the representation of women entrepreneurs and the floor to share each of their stories.

You’ve touched more lives than you probably realize, and I just want to say keep going!!! You’re such an inspiration

Last night’s event was inspiring, thought-provoking, warm, and welcoming.

Great vibe, great speeches, drinks and snacks - felt great to get that group of lady adventurers together.

Great Speakers. Motivational , articulate and passionate about what they do. I was really inspired after leaving. Well done!

It was such an inspiring event and unlike any other I’ve been to (and I’ve had career ties in the Outdoor space for a long time now)

I didn’t know what to expect but walked away inspired.