Adventure + Inspiration + Community

The face of adventure is changing and women are driving that change. Women make up almost 50 percent of outdoor participation and leading the way in terms of solo and adventure travel, yet we still lack visibility. 

We knew there were amazing female founders and leaders in the outdoor and adventure travel space globally working hard to get more women outside and on adventures, yet a forum did not exist to help bring them together and raise visibility to all that they do. We found women continue to want to find new ways of connecting with other women that have a shared passion for adventure, the outdoors, and travel.  It was time for us to unite, bring our communities together, welcome new community, and host events to celebrate women that choose adventure as a way of life. After all we are Changing the Face of Adventure


In addition to our core team, we collaborate with trailblazing female founders and leaders in each of the cities we host events in to bring them to life. 


Georgina Miranda

Georgina is an adventurer, entrepreneur, and activist. She is the founder and CEO of Altitude Seven, an adventure lifestyle media platform that helps a global community of women adventurers and travelers discover the best outdoor and adventure travel products, experiences, stories, and inspiration all in one place. It is spreading the global message for women to #ChooseAdventure.

While she has an extensive corporate background, her heart lies in adventure and it has led her to scale 6 of the 7 Summits (highest peak on each continent), including Mt. Everest and many other peaks around the world to raise awareness around gender-based violence. She is currently in the process of completing the Explorer Grand Slam. 

Although Georgina did not discover her love for the outdoors until her mid-twenties, she credits the mountains and a life of adventure to shaping who she is today. Her mission now is to share the gift of adventure with others. 


Jennifer Gurecki

Jennifer Gurecki specializes in designing creative approaches to building resilient communities and cultivating female leadership. She is the founder and CEO of Coalition Snow, the world’s first women’s ski and snowboard company. #sisterhoodofshred

When she’s not playing in the Sierra Nevada, you can find her in Kenya working with Zawadisha, a non-profit social enterprise providing fair and transparent microloans to women through an innovative model of lending that is soundly pro-poor, pro-woman, and pro-environment. #investinwomen