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Our events are in full swing! Join us in Seattle and Portland next!


we are beyond measure

Celebrating Adventure, Wellness + Women Living Beyond Measure Around the World.
Turning the largest untapped resource in the world into the greatest one.

Beyond a platform, event series, coaching, and consultancy, we are a movement and vibrant testimony that women can be anything we want to be.
Our voice matters and provides inspiration for others. We can add so much goodness to this world!

She Ventures forward with a spirit of adventure in all aspects of her life-both on and off trail and anywhere in between.


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She Ventures have taken place all over North America thus far from San Francisco to NYC to Boulder to Vancouver, Canada. We've reached thousands of women and men with our event series since 2016 and look forward to engaging people around the world as we grow. Our events have also raised funds for 6 of our non-profit partners.

She Ventures is for EVERYONE. While we focus on highlighting and being a resource for women, we encourage everyone to join our events and enjoy our content. 


Where We Have Been


Get inspired

Our community has been inspired to start, grow, and develop their next adventure in business and life. They have made new friendships and valuable connections , while also finding their voice to inspire others and live life on their own terms. 

Whether it's tackling that next peak, taking that first trip alone, signing up for that race, applying for that job you are not sure you might get, or starting the passion project/business that's been on your mind, the point is that these are all possible-anything is.

You are epic! You can do it! We are here to help and support you!


Choose Adventure

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“Adventure has the power to changes lives. There is beauty in our strength, our courage, and our willingness to dare as women.

Choosing adventure and going beyond your limits—self-imposed, familial, or societal—allows you to change the narrative of who you are. Getting out of your comfort zone in nature allows you to think bigger and bolder in all areas of your life and I want every woman, young and old, to experience that.”

We have a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and encourage adventure as a way of life.

-Georgina Miranda, Founder of She Ventures


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 Photo by:  @jaybelsky  with  clif bar

Photo by: @jaybelsky with clif bar


Celebrating Adventure, Wellness + Women Living Beyond Measure in the World
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