Unleashing the Untapped Power of Women. It’s Good for the World.

Research shows women are the world's largest untapped resource and that given equal opportunities, women hold the key to being the largest contributors of positive economic, social, and environmental change in the world.

-Georgina Miranda CEO of She Ventures


The Studio. It Starts with You.

You are the designer of your life and deserve one that you love, with work you enjoy that pays you fairly, and a lifestyle that enhances your overall wellbeing and happiness. A life where no dream is too big and where you can be the change you want to see in the world. When you are living from your full potential, not only you benefit, but the world does too and everyone around you.

Our coaching programs, tools, and resources help guide and support you to connect to your most authentic self, operate in full awareness, rooted in purpose, while developing the leader that lives within you. Start living your life beyond any measure. Your possibility, power, and happiness have endless potential.



Equality. Everyone’s Invited.

Closing the gender gap is not just good for women, but the world. Empowering women to participate equally in the global economy could add $28 trillion in GDP growth by 2025. At the current rate of change, the data suggest that it will take 108 years to close the overall gender gap and 202 years to bring about parity in the workplace.

Women alone can’t solve this. It will take a global collective for the collective good. Companies, Investors, and Governments need to do better. Men need to become allies across all levels and sectors.

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Living Well

Overall wellbeing is at the core of our work. A healthy mind, body, and spirit should never be a compromise in the pursuit of success. Getting to 50/50 should be in balance, making sure our self-care is number 1! We are redefining what success looks like, beyond dollar signs and titles, to levels of happiness, purpose, and impact. We believe in fully living from our complete potential. This means emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental wellbeing. Live your best life. Live it with love. Make time to play.

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Conscious Community

Present, aware, compassionate, empathetic, inclusive, and loving. Our community is working together for the benefit of all. We are all connected to each other and the earth. We create space and opportunities for our community to connect via in-person events and virtually, while also being open to invitations to collaborate and unite with other communities globally that share in our vision and mission. Stronger together.

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When Women Thrive So Does the World.

Societies with greater gender equality not only offer better socioeconomic opportunities for women, but also tend to grow faster and more equitably. There are gains in poverty reduction, environmental sustainability, consumer choice, innovation and decision-making on a wider set of issues.


The time is now

To Create Lasting Change.

Create a future you want. Rise up to the best that you are wherever you are!

We are a global social enterprise accelerating gender equality and the wellbeing of women. We are unleashing the untapped power of women because it's good for the world.

We are a global community of business leaders, entrepreneurs, adventurers, dreamers, doers, change-makers, lightworkers, globally conscious citizens living life on our terms and with the greater good and collective in mind.

Beyond a platform, event series, coaching, and consultancy, we are a movement and vibrant testimony of women rising and living beyond measure. Changing the world.


Celebrating Women Living Beyond Measure

If she can see her, she can be her.
Via our platform, events, and podcast we aim to celebrate and amplify women living beyond measure around the world along with men helping women rise by their side.


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